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How to install Product clipper?
Set your password
Shortly you should get email from Promile.me to set your password.

Please check your mail (and spam folder) and follow instructions.

When you set your password you will see your first demo project to play around.

p.s. if something does not work just visit app.promile.me to set your password manualy
Add Product Clipper extention to your Google Chrome browser
Visit Google Chrome store page and install plugin here https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/promile-product-clipper-d/dccepdefmjaicefaaaogoabpifcfdkhg

No Google Chrome? You can install it here https://www.google.com/chrome/

After installation your should see small grey icon with letter P in your right upper corner of browser.
Click on it to open Product Clipper.
All set
Congratulations. Now you can start using Product Clipper.

Keep reading or jump to Video tutorial
How to use Product clipper?
Visit IKEA.COM or VOX.PL to see how Product Clipper works in real life.

Attetion: demo version of Product clipper works only on the following sites:
inmyroom.ru, skdesign.ru, thefurnish.ru, toriani.ru, vox.pl, academy-doors.ru, project-st.ru, villeroy-boch.ru, art-rum.ru, ikea.ru, ikea.com, ovanna.ru

To get full version - please contact us
Add information from the site to Product Clipper
Click on any field of Product Clipper to select it.

Then click on web page elements to copy data (photoes, texts, prices etc) into selected field. Available for copy data will be highlighted.

Use "Tab" to quickly jump in the Product Clipper from one field to another one.

To fill in data from different parts of the web page into the single field (without deleting already saved info), hold "Ctrl"/"Cmd" and click on respective parts of webpage.

When you close Product Cliper all information will be saved, no data will be lost.

Please note, when you click on pictures, some sites (e.g. IKEA) opens picture in preview mode and Product Clipper might cover part of the picture. Dont worry, simply close Product Clipper and you will see page as usual, then you can close preview window. Afterthat if you reopen Product Clipper, all information will be saved.
Save your data
Click on SAVE button at the bottom, select Project (e.g. Demo), select Folder and click SAVE again.

Tags are used to better classify your information

Now your data is securely saved on Promile.me by clicking on the link your can visit Promile.me to create your first purchase list.
Create Purchase list
On Promile.me at the bottom of the project page click on "Add specification report"

By selecting different filters (folders, statuses, tags) you can create any purchase list you want.

Purchase list can be exported into PDF or EXCEL if needed afterwards.
Do you have any questions left?
We are here for you!
Phone: +39 (346) 303-45-31‬
E-mail: lb@promile.me